6PM GUI, ver.0.9

Demos (some with chorus and reverb added) :

6PM video demo (hyperlink to Youtube)


6PM (version 0.9 shown above), created and maintained by Michel Vergnaud, is a realtime frequency-modulation (FM) software sound synthesizer. If compiled from source, it is run by typing usr/local/bin/6pm or usr/bin/6pm, depending on the configure path.

6PM is polyphonic and touch-sensitive. There is a main volume slider, a global tuning dial, as well as note test and panic buttons, located in the lower lefthand corner. All control knobs will modify the audio signal in realtime, without the need for repeated note-ons.

All of the parameters are located on the main window, which includes six oscillators (operators) that can be used as either "modulators" or "carriers," based on the algorithm setup indicated on the lefthand side. The algorithm layout is similar to the DX7: the modulator(s) are on the upper row, and the carrier(s) are on the lower row. Whichever of the 6 oscillators are on the lower row as carriers, will also have a green pan ribbon in its corresponding area on the right.

Preset loading and saving is quite straight-forward and intuitive. It is possible to create your own algorithms and soundbanks as well.

Frequency on-off control (the green button next to each oscillator's frequency envelope), a modulation knob and a random frequency modulation knob are all provided for each operator. The newest features (starting in version 0.9) include: a new interface which improves usage for certain screen resolutions; the midi map, algorithm and bank sections on the left side of the GUI can be hidden; the tremolo and vibrato knobs are now in a pop-up screen; algorithm screen is also a pop-up window; 6PM can be run in the terminal (good for slower machines), English and French language packets; filter section with LP, HP, BP and BR filters; adjustable cutoff and resonance settings, as well as a dedicated envelope. Oscillators can now detune plus-minus 24 semitones. Each oscillator's frequency can now be set as absolute or relative to the note played. A few new preset management options, such as a final prompt to save any unsaved work.


Patchset01 A few starter patches I made. (I'll be posting a new bank here soon, with sounds for version 0.9.) Download and decompress the tarball, then copy the patches into the desired folder in your ~/.6pm/Presets directory.


6pm at Sourceforge
6pm at Sourceforge