ADLplug, created and maintained by Jean Pierre Cimalando, is a software package that provides two FM synthesizer plugins, one based on the YMF262 sound chip, called ADLmidi, and another based on the YM2612 sound chip, called OPNmidi. Both plugins are available in VST and LV2 formats, are polyphonic, and include virtual keyboards and computer keyboard control in addition to MIDI (USB) interfacing. The ADLplug package is now included in the repositories distros such as Librazik-2. (The Librazik-2 repositories also include two separate soundbank editors for these synths: OPL3 Bank Editor and OPL2 Bank Editor.)

Both ADLmidi and OPNmidi have a Core selector, which allows to choose the desired emulator, such as DOSBox or Nuked. These provide different levels of accuracy, with varying CPU expense. Both synths have four operators (oscillators), each with eight waveforms to choose from, as well as dedicated envelopes (OPNmidi includes an additional decay control), tremolo, vibrato, frequency, key scaling and level controls. Volume controls, number of chips, and channel assigning, which allows interesting polyphony configurations, are provided in each instrument. Patch saving is done by creating a new bank, rather than saving individual presets.

Besides the two different chip emulators in the synths, there are some notable differences. ADLmidi includes three operator setups: 4 operator, 2x2 operator and 2 operator. Pairs of operators can either use FM or AM synthesis, and depending on the combination, the question-mark button indicates how the operators will be arranged, including any self modulation, if any. Detuning control is provided for the two pairs of operators, as well as fine tuning for the second pair.

OPNmidi, on the other hand, has eight algorithms provided to choose from. OPNmidi provides LFO modulation in both pitch and frequency, independent detuning settings for each operator, and two feedback controls rather than one-- each dedicated to a pair of operators.

A brief manual in French is provided HERE.


ADLplug Presets -Just a couple of my own presets, sparsed within a generic GM soundbank. --Updated Nov. 12, 2018. This bank is to be used only with the OPNmidi plugin.


ADLplug at Github
ADLplug at Github