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Aspect (version 1.7.19 shown above) is a semi-modular realtime software sound synthesizer for linux, created and developed by Loomer. Although it is non-free, an evaluation version is available at the Loomer website (link below) which allows full use with just two limitations: 30-minute audio reproduction before re-start needed to continue, and patches or banks you create can be saved but not loaded. By purchasing Aspect these limitations are removed. Installation is simple: just unzip the compressed package to your preferred directory and set the appropriate path in your host of choice (screenshot above in the Carla host).

Aspect provides both monophonic and polyphonic control. Full midi control binding is provided. It includes two oscillators, three envelopes (envelope one is hardwired to the amplitude), two filter sections, three LFOs, an output section, a patch section which provides addition, multiplication and inversion of modulation sources, and a global control section.

Both oscillators provide sawtooth, sine, triangle and pulse waveforms. Pulse-width is adjustable. Oscillator 2 can be synced to Oscillator 1. Detuning includes -3/+3 octaves, semitones (transpose) -12/+12 and fine detuning -50/+50 cents. Filters include Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass and Bypass. The filters can work in parallel or in series, and can be balanced with the Filter Mix knob. LFO waveshapes include: sine, triangle, square and saw-up.

Many sections include a modulation control area. Each modulation area has three routing possibilities. Various modulation destinations can be set, including pitch, velocity, oscillator 1/2, noise, envelope 1/2/3, aftertouch, pitchbend, modulation wheel, etc. The Adder function allows to add several modulation sources together to create one modulated output.

Preset management is clear and intuitive. Undo and redo arrow buttons allow comparison of a modified preset. Meta tags, names and notes can be included when saving a patch to allow quicker access with the search function.


Aspect Presets -My rolling collection of (30) presets for Aspect. Updated Feb. 27, 2018.


Loomer Website
Loomer Website