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BeatZille is a realtime synthesizer by U-he, with a beta version available for linux. This virtual instrument includes not only some characteristics of subtractive synthesis, but also various parameters for FM, Phase Distortion and Fractal Resonance (FR) synthesis techniques. BeatZille was developed for Beat.mag, and is now available gratis at the link at the bottom of this page.

BeatZille is the "little brother" of Bazille, a larger, modular synth also created by U-he. As such, it has fewer oscillators, filters, LFOs, envelopes, etc. Important to note, any presets made with BeatZille can be loaded into Bazille, but not vice versa.

BeatZille has two digital oscillators and has both monophonic and polyphonic capability (max. 8 voices). As it is semi-modular, it provides virtual cables that can be connected (red=output, grey=input) to a variety of modulation options. Some of the knob controllers are bipolar (zero in the middle position) and others are unipolar (zero completely to the left).

The upper middle section of BeatZille has an oscilloscope with its own adjustment controls. To the left and right are the two oscillators, and the LFO to the lefthand edge. Two ADSR envelopes are provided, as well as a filter section with an analogue-style multimode filter (4 lowpass settings, a bandpass and a highpass setting). There are 2 outputs for interesting stereo routing possibilities. There is a processor section which can process both audio and control signals. Full pitch and portamento control is provided, as well as a powerful mapping generator, a "multiplex" which permits complex multiple routing, a midi-and-noise source section, and a unique "modulation sequencer." A digital delay effect is included in the lower righthand area of the GUI.

BeatZille includes a presets page, with lots of options for easy preset management, such as copy/paste, junk and favourites folders. Like other U-he synths, BeatZille is fully MIDI-assignable. Click the cogwheel in the upper righthand area of the GUI for configuration options. A more in-depth manual is included in the installation package.



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