Cadmium GUI, version 1.0.3



Cadmium is a unique commercial software synthesizer (available for the linux platform in both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture in VST2 format) which utilizes vector phase-shaping to achieve its sonic potentials.

Cadmium's approach to sound synthesis is called Vector Phase-Shaping (VPS), an "extended and improved form of phase distortion which provides a flexible way to morph and warp the phase of oscillators." It consists of three sinusoid carriers (oscillators) and two modulators (in the VPS section of the GUI), a four-pole ladder filter with four filter types (12LP, 24LP, 24BP and 24HP) and filter bypass with cutoff and resonance controls, three envelopes, three LFO's, saturation and distortion controls.

The two modulator-oscillators (in the VPS section) modify the sound of the carrier(s) through their relative phase offset amounts, as well as their detune settings. These phase offsets can be automated in order to obtain movement. Span, theta and smooth controls serve to adjust the overall shape of the curve (both oscillators).

Cadmium has both monophonic (including legato) and polyphonic, with glide capability in all modes.

Patches and Manual:

The LHI Audio website (link below) has a complete online manual.


Cadmium at LHI Audio
Cadmium at LHI Audio