Digits, original GUI Digits, running in Carla



Digits is a polyphonic software synthesizer created by Louis Gorenfeld, and is designed based on the phase-distortion sound design structure utilized in the CZ line of Casio synthesizers. Although it has been ported to linux, the original GUI (screenshot above left) has not been implemented, thereby requiring use of the controls provided in your plug-in host. Digits works fine in Carla, as Carla provides the related control pages for all the parameters. An example page of Digits being run in the Carla plug-in host is shown above as well (screenshot above right).

Digits has two main oscillators, each one with rather unique square, saw, and two double-sine-type waveforms. There is a "Reso" waveform section with quarter saw, half saw, quarter square and half square waveshapes. There is also a resonance waveform section, similar in design to the original Casio CZ line, which didn't have a resonance control section but rather a set of waves that had a resonance quality.

The amplitude and filter envelope sections consist of attack, decay and sustain/fade, rather than the traditional ADSR structure.

The "Mix" section includes coarse detuning from -1 to +5 octaves, and the finetune control allows detuning within a semitone.

The LFO section has cosine and noise waveshape possibilities, and intial key-on modulation can be delayed. There is also a delay section that provides separate control of right and left output signals.


Patches-01 A few presets, in .carxs format for use with the Carla plugin host. (These presets are 32-bit only, and will need to have their path-to-binary modified (indicated on line 7 of the preset file) to access where Digits is located on your system.)

Patches-02 A few more .carxs-format presets. See note above.

Patches-03 More .carxs-format presets. See note above.

A few preset banks available at KVR Audio here, in .fxp format: Digits Soundbanks at KVR Audio


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