Helm GUI



Helm is an open-source realtime monophonic/polyphonic softsynth developed by Matthew Tytel at It comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and can be run as an LV2 plugin or as a standalone instrument. It also includes cross-platform patch loading and saving capability.

Helm consists of two main oscillators that each offer 11 different anti-aliasing waveforms. Cross-modulation is provided, as well as detuning and transposition for each wave. A sub-oscillator with shuffle wave shaping and amplitude is included, as well as noise signal level.

A very nice filter section is included, which offers the following setting options: lowpass, highpass, bandpass, high-shelf, low-shelf, band-shelf and allpass. A very useful formant filter with X-Y axis control is also available. Two monophonic LFOs and one polyphonic LFO are included.

There are several useful effects provided as well, including reverb, stutter, delay and feedback. Global controls include pitchbend, polyphony amount (up to 32 voices), portamento with legato option, and velocity tracking.


Patches-01 A few starter presets of my own. Extract in your preferred "Presets" folder located in your ".helm" directory.


Helm Website