Mr.Alias 2, original GUI



Mr. Alias 2 is a mono/polyphonic (6-note) VST software synthesizer designed by "Insert Piz Here" and ported to linux. It has two oscillators with 18 waveforms which are not band-limited, thereby allowing frequencies to go beyond the Nyquist frequency (half of the sampling rate) into aliasing, before being remixed back into the output signal. Besides the traditional waveforms, additional waves provided include: Minkowski, Weierstrass, Autoalias, Computer, Narrow, Eight, OddEight, Funnel, Grate, Noise, Ughhh, Sine+ and Octaves. The oscillator section also includes fine bi-polar detune, oscillator mix and separation, a phase setting knob and ring modulation.

Mr. Alias 2 is capable of a wide range of distorted and effects-type timbres via the morph section, the Harshness setting (near the filter cutoff knob), the Divider section, the Aliasing slider, a Downsampling slider, and the Sine and M effects. Nevertheless, it can also be kept "under control" to produce very traditional synth sounds. It has six filters: Low, Low-24, Bandpass, Notch, Highpass, Formant and Bypass. (The last few demos above are demos of a saw wave going through the Low and Low-24 filters while modulating cutoff and resonance to various amounts. Watch out for screaming resonance on these!) An Inertia control is also provided, to smooth the aliasing effect. Standard ADSR envelopes are provided for both amplitude and timbre, with dedicated key follow and depth controls.

An external audio source can be run through the synth as well, and dry-wet controls are provided for mixing the signal in. Sliders are provided for clipping and stereo, as well as a limiter button. A random function is also included. The GUI reveals parameter labels by moving the mouse over the controls. Full native preset control (patch/bank save/load) is provided.


New, rolling preset tarball: MrAlias2Patches-27Sept17

A preset bank available at KVR Audio: Mr. Alias 2 Soundbank at KVR Audio


The Piz
Mr. Alias 2 GUI