Mr.Alias 2 Pro, original GUI



Mr. Alias 2 Pro is a 'complete' donationware version of the Mr. Alias 2 VST software synthesizer, designed by "Insert Piz Here." After downloading the demo version of Mr. Alias 2 Pro, a simple donation amount of your choice will get you a 'key' that will remove the few demo limitations. (nb: It may be necessary to extract the Key to a different folder (eg. home), if your plugin host times out when scanning. You will still be able to browse to a different folder when prompted to load it.)

Built including the same two-oscillator sound structure with 18 non-bandlimited waveforms, two ADSR envelopes (amp and filter), snapshot and morph sections at the top of the GUI, 6-filters and the various interesting "mulch" modifiers, Mr. Alias 2 Pro has important additional features that its little brother lacks. These include: the 'Page Switch' button located above the Amp Envelope accesses a window that has a third, assignable ADSR envelope and two LFOs with relative depth and rate controls. There are two 'draw' buttons that allow to draw waveshapes that can be saved and loaded for use with the oscillators and the LFOs. Drawn waves can be inverted, normalized or reversed, and are savable as .wav files.

The GUI for Mr. Alias 2 Pro is skinnable, and comes with two additional skins in addition to the default. There is a manual included in this Pro version as well, with a bit of additional information useful for getting the most out of this unique synthesizer.


My first (rolling) bank of presets (currently 31 "tamed and traditional" presets) and a couple of drawn waveforms: here. Place the waveforms in the MrAliasPro/drawablewaves folder and the bank in the MrAliasPro/sounds folder.


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