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Nekobee is a realtime, velocity-sensitive bass synth DSSI-plugin for linux, originally developed by Another version, created by the Distrho team, with newer GUI and animated kitty, renamed "Nekobi," is included in the KXStudio repositories.

Nekobee is a single-oscillator synth that provides a rich, punchy timbre typical of some classic bass synths. Waveform choices are square or saw, with smooth detuning capability, plus or minus one octave. As Nekobee is monophonic, it's also useful for leads, like in the "Rezouu" demo above. The cutoff and resonance are sensitive and expressive. "Env Mod" is hard-wired to the modulation wheel, and adjusts the filter depth, as in the "LazerSynth2WithEnvMod" demo. The Decay knob adjusts the filter decay (not amplitude) and the Accent knob gives some boost at some settings. The "Classic Synth 1" demo was done modulating the Decay knob. The last demo above is a filter-sweep demo.


Nekobee-Presets A few presets for Nekobee, in .carxs format. --Updated Nov.23, 2017

Nekobee-Presets A few presets for Nekobi, in .lv2 format. --Added July 06, 2018


The "original" Nekobee at Github
Classic Nekobee at Github

Distrho's Nekobi at Github
Distrho's Nekobi at Github