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Odin 2, the successor of Odin 1, is a free, cross-platform, semi-modular subtractive-style software synthesizer, made with JUCE and available in 64-bit for the linux platform. Currently at version "beta v2.0.20," this VST3 instrument offers a variety of waveform possibilities and many filters through which to run everything. Mono, unison and polyphonic (max. 12 note polyphony), Odin 2 requires a plug-in host, such as Carla, Qtractor, Tracktion or other. The above screenshots show some of the different modules available for synthesis with Odin 2.

Odin 2 offers a variety of sound source options. Each of these options offers related sub-menu options for specific waveform types and modulation options. The three oscillators can use the following oscillator types: analog, wavetable, multioscillator, vector, chiptune, FM, Phase-Modulation, Noise, Wavedraw, Chipdraw and Specdraw.

The filters -- here too, up to three -- include the following choices: Bypass, LPF24, LPF12, BP24, BP12, HP24, HP12, Comb, Formant, Diode Ladder (think Moog), Korg-type KO-35LP and KO-35HP. Ring Modulation is another option provided here. The filters on the left and right sides of the GUI can affect any or all of the three oscillators through their respective activation buttons. The lower central filter will filter everything coming from both of the other two filters.

Odin 2 also has a variety of effects, including 3-type distortion with boost control, delay, chorus, phaser and flanger. An X-Y grid for modulation is located in the lower lefthand area of the GUI, together with traditional ADSR envelopes for amplitude, filter, assignable modulation and global, as well as three assignable LFO's and one global LFO. The envelopes all offer an useful loop feature which loops the attack-to-sustain section of the envelope as long as notes are sustained.

In addition to the modulation controls mentioned above, there is a modulation section in the lower righthand area of the GUI which allows to choose from among a variety of in-synth and external MIDI signals which should control other target parameters. The amount of modulation desired is adjustable from 0-100, either in positive or in negative values.

The current version of Odin 2 does not provide any presets, but it is fairly easy to get started just by selecting an oscillator type and a filter type.


Some initial presets for Odin 2 -A few initial presets for Odin 2, in native ".odin" format. These were made to showcase the different filter types, so most of the parameter settings are the same. The filter cutoff (or comparable parameter) is linked directly to the ModWheel (CC01), so adjusting this controller will give a good idea of the filter's character. The presets using the analog (saw) oscillator are named with a "1." Presets starting with a "2" use the Vector oscillators-- again, with different filters. There are also a couple of Phase Modulation presets, and a few others. --Updated Apr. 30, 2020.


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