Peggy2000 gui



Peggy 2000 is a polyphonic realtime synthesizer developed by Hardbuns Global Inc., of fame, and downloadable from the website at the bottom of this page. The synth project dates back to 2006, but I found it works nicely in Carla (KXStudio) and thought it worth including here.

Peggy2000 includes dual oscillators with several waveform possibilities: saw, saw2, tri, tri2, sqr, sin. Each can be routed to the LFOs and/or the envelopes. Detuning is both half-tone (5 semitones) and fine (1 semitone). The oscillators can be synced together, and levels mixed to preference.

The filter types for Peggy2000 include: low pass, high pass, band pass, notch.

There are three envelopes with standard ADSR profiles: pitch, filter and amplitude. Both filter and pitch amounts can be adjusted. There are also three LFOs, one dedicated to each envelope.

Peggy2000 also includes a simple arpeggiator function. This arpeggiator can be adjusted for note type (quarter, eighth, sixteenth and thirty-second), and key-sync vs. bar sync. Each horizontal line of the grid is dedicated to a note; therefore a maximum of 5 notes can be sequenced. Bar length and note sustain are adjustable.

There is also an effects section in this softsynth: chorus, delay and velocity sensitivity adjustment. The velocity parameters also affect the sequencer when activated, and controlled using the green bars beneath the sequencer grid.

Although there is no patch-save function in the GUI, patches can be saved and loaded depending on the plugin host. I tested this version on Carla, which can save patches in the native Carla .carxs format.


Some presets: Peggy2000-01


Peggy2000 maintained at Github, Juced