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Podolski is a realtime software synthesizer created by U-he. A linux beta plugin version is available for download at the KVR link below. Demos provided above showcase some of the packaged presets.

Although this synth in the u-he line has only one oscillator, it also includes an inverted wave and a wide variety of modulation options that make this synth very capable. It includes an envelope section, two LFOs (one global), various filter settings (LP, BP, HP) as well as AutoFM for self-frequency-modulation (bi-polar). Effects such as chorus, delay and flange are provided, as well as an arpeggiator section with its own GUI page. A third page provides preset management.

Aside from the traditional detune controls--Tune for plus or minus 24-semitone detuning, and TuneMod for tuning adjustment from another source--Podolski also includes a unique Inverse Wave-PWM selector, which, when combined with the main waveform, can produce interesting wave shapes and even pulse-width modulation.

The envelope section has an ADSR setting (which includes a rise-fall addition to the sustain point) and an HDSR setting, where the attack level is set to maximum. The envelope rate can be set to linear or exponential.

The LFO section has a sync control. Apart from absolute rates (0.1 sec, 1 sec, 10 sec), the sync control will sync the LFO rate to the DAW's song tempo, adjustable from a 64th note to 8-bar time period. The "rand hold" setting provides sample-and-hold modulation in steps, whereas "rand glide" provides sample-and-hold modulation in curves.

As with all the u-he synthesizers, full midi control is provided.


Some presets for Podolski are available at U-he HERE


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