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RaveGenerator 2, an "oldschool rave/hardcore and 90's techno sound" virtual instrument, is the successor of RaveGenerator, ported to the linux platform by the team at A rompler/sampler design, RaveGenerator 2 offers multi-timbral (different samples per midi channel) sound control for a large range of sonic possibility.

Many of the 128 samples provided in the compressed download file are "stab" sounds. There is, of course, a user section in the sound library where user samples can be loaded. Presets can be created, which are not the raw samples but rather the combination of samples and modulations all mixed together into the final sound. Up to 16 samples can be used to make a preset.

Samples are loaded from the library on the lefthand side into the blank area in the center of the GUI. Each sample has its own volume, pan, tune and finetune knobs, as well as an amplitude ADSR envelope (click the "2" button), a ADSR pitch envelope (click the "3" button) and an FX section (click the "4" button) where there are controls for a Low-Pass filter, reverse sample playback, AKAIZE "time expand" effect and a slider for "expand percentage." The "Loop" button allows to set the start/end points of the sample loop, and the "Wave" button displays the related sample in the graphic display to the right.

Along with a virtual keyboard along the bottom of the GUI, RaveGenerator 2 also includes a digital delay section with controls for time, feedback, volume (dry/wet), spread, sync to host and ping-pong effect. The "Master" button accesses control of main (overall) volume, master tune, velocity sensitivity and pitch bend range.


In addition to the 128 samples available for preset creation, user samples must also be located in the user path you set, if you choose to make presets that include your own samples.


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