SpectMorph, Jack Standalone GUI SpectMorph, Jack Standalone GUI



SpectMorph is a realtime, modular, mono (not stereo), monophonic/polyphonic morphing synthesizer created by Stefan Westerfeld for the linux platform. It utilizes SpectMorph-format samples, such as flute, synth or oboe for morphing in various ways. It is available as a standalone instrument (runs as a JACK client) as well as in LV2 and VST plug-in formats. The screenshots above are of the same GUI window, split into top and bottom sections due to length.

Along with the downloadable SpectMorph softsynth itself, the SpectMorph website (link below) also provides a downloadable 'instrument' package (called an 'index') with fourteen readable samples ready for loading into the synth. To use SpectMorph, make a folder called .spectmorph in your home directory, download the instrument package (66MB) to this new folder and extract it. When an instance of SpectMorph is started, the instrument index must be loaded (at the 'file' dropdown menu). The 'Global Instrument Settings' area at the bottom of the GUI will indicate if the instrument set has been loaded correctly.

SpectMorph offers several 'templates' (linear with LFO, linear with GUI, etc). Being modular, however, it is possible to add additional modules (called 'operators') to any template. The templates provide an initial set of operators for morphing between any loaded sound samples. Morphing can be done using the LFOs, GUI sliders and/or X-Y grids. Operators include: Instrument source, LFO, Linear, Grid, Output source. Each type of module allows specific options, such as selecting samples or signal routing to other modules.

There are also controls for master volume, vibrato, portamento (the synth becomes monophonic in this case), unison and detuning. The VST plug-in allows limited host MIDI-CC control.

SpectMorph also includes a variety of additional (command-line) capabilities, such as a command for transforming any soundfont into a SpectMorph-loadable soundfile. See the Documentation page of the website for more info.


My (rolling) SpectMorph preset bank: SpectMorph Presets -Nov. 07, 2017 (for use with the default instrument index)