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Sunvox is a cross-platform (including mobile) realtime softsynth designed by Alexander Zolotov, using Pixilang, a pixel-oriented programming language. The GUI layout includes a microtonal sequencer, spectriscope window, timeline section and instrument section. This last section has a modular design. It includes many built-in synth and effects modules, and includes several synthesis methods, from subtractive to FM to spectral voice (FFT) modulation, as well as sound sample importing. Modules can be sound generators or modulators of sound generators. Drumkits can also be created.

A complete manual (also in other languages) is available at the WarmPlace website here: Sunvox Manual

Videos at Youtube:

Videos below created by Alexander Zolotov
Beautiful instruments made of the basic SunVox Modules
Little Boots - Earthquake (NightRadio Remix 2009)
Sunvox: Endless self-modifying song
Sunvox: Endless Fantasy Worlds (by NightRadio)



Sunvox at
Sunvox at