TAL U-NO-LX TAL U-NO-LX, with virtual keyboard



The screenshots above show the rewritten version (v.4.2.4) of Tal-Software's famous TAL U-NO-LX, a commercial emulation software synthesizer based on Roland's classic Juno 60. This softsynth is available for the linux platform as a VST2 plugin (64-bit architecture only). Like the TAL Bassline 101, the GUI for this synth can be displayed as with or without the virtual keyboard. The trial version has an intermittent white noise signal present, and no preset-saving capabilities--both of which are removed upon purchase.

The TAL U-NO-LX has both monophonic and 12-note polyphonic capability. Its single, alias-free oscillator provides pulse and saw waveform types, and a square wave as sub-oscillator (minus one octave). The pulse wave can be modulated for width through the LFO, the envelope or manually. A noise signal is also provided, with dedicated volume slider.

The TAL U-NO-LX offers two different filter types: a 24dB/octave low pass filter with zero feedback delay and self-oscillation capacity, and a single-pole highpass filter. Along with the filter frequency cutoff and resonance controls are an envelope mode switch (normal and inverted envelope settings), and Env slider to adjust the amount the filter affects the envelope, a Mod slider to adjust how much the LFO affects the filter amount, and the KeyB slider, for adjusting the amount of filter along the keyboard.

The Amp section includes an envelope-gate switch, as well as the ADSR envelope controls. The LFO section provides selection from among triangle, rectangle, saw and random waveshapes. Rate and Delay (fade-in) sliders are also provided, as well as three sync modes. The Control section allows to assign the amount that pitch and filter is affected by the pitch bend wheel, as well as the amount that the filter and amplitude are affected by key velocity. The Master section controls volume and tuning, and the Portamento section, active in monophonic mode only, allows to adjust the time of portamento movement between notes, and has both trigger and legato settings.

The TAL U-NO-LX also includes an arpeggiator section, which has UP, UP&DOWN and DOWN settings, Arpeggiator Lock and Hold switches, and host sync capability. Two chorus effect buttons are also included, and can be used independently or together.

As with other TAL softsynthsm, full preset management and Midi control capability are provided.


As with the TAL Bassline 101, there are many ready-to-use presets and a manual available for download at the Tal-U-NO-LX webpage (link below).