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The screenshots above show the various dropdown window sections of the linux version of the TAL NoizeM4k3r (TALNoiseMaker) softsynth, version 3.22, developed by Togu Audio Line. It is a subtractive type, mono/polyphonic synth with up to 6 voices per sound. Its structure is divided into two synth modules, although what is denominated "synth 1" actually controls the two oscillators and LFO 1, whereas "synth 2" only controls LFO 2 and the filter and amplitude envelopes.

TAL-NoizeM4k3r comes with 256 preset patches, divided into categories such as Lead, Pad, FX, Percussion, Bass. Oscillator 1 can select from among three waveforms: saw, pulse and noise. Oscillator 2 has four waveforms: saw, rectangle, triangle, sine. The "master" section controls polyphony, portamento, tuning, oscillator volume amounts, ring modulation, syncing and sub (LFO) volume.

TAL-NoizeM4k3r is particularly powerful in creating bass, effects and arpeggiator-type sounds, very common in modern tecno-dance music. It has four low-pass, high-pass, bandpass and notch filter types. The envelope editor allows manual configuration that can be applied to the oscillators, filters, etc. One-shot and multiple repetition of this envelope is possible, and an amount control is also provided.

Another powerful section of the TAL-NoizeM4k3r is the control section, which includes two types of chorus, a bit crusher, reverb and delay. A very nice "vintage noise" effect is included, as well as a feedback knob and a filter drive control. There is a pitchwheel control area which allows the external pitchwheel to control the cutoff point and pitchbend amount.

A useful video introduction-overview of the TAL-NoizeM4k3r, made by Alex Scott from Consordini, can be found at Youtube HERE.

Patches and Manual:

Preset Bank at Noise4U

Same bank as above, but in the LV2 format. Noise4U-LV2 Extract the *.lv2 folder into your (hidden) ~/.lv2 or /usr/lib/lv2 directory.

Some patchbanks available at KVR audio: TAL at KVR Audio

A manual of TAL NoizeM4k3r in pdf format, at


TAL Website
TAL NoizeM4k3r gui1

NoizeM4k3r for linux at Sourceforge
TAL NoizeM4k3r gui1