Triceratops GUI



Triceratops (release 0.3.1 shown above), created and developed by Nick Bailey, is a 3-oscillator, subtractive digital softsynth for the linux platform. It has both polyphonic and mono (legato) capabilities. It includes three LFOS, each one able to influence the three oscillators at separate levels; lfo waveforms include: saw and inverse-saw, square and inverse-square, sample-and-hold, sine and noise. The oscillators (sine, saw, square/pulse, noise) can be synced. There are three ADSRs (filter, amplitude and LFO modulation).

A variety of effects are provided, such as reverb, delay (echo) with 3-band equalizer that affects only the echo, drive (distortion), and FM capability that makes oscillator three into a high-frequency modulator for oscillator one. Portamento (inertia) is provided. There is also a Unison mode.

There are four filter types in Triceratops: low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and formant. The filter function can also be switched off. Along with cutoff and resonance control are key-follow and tuning capabilities.

Triceratops is an LV2 plug-in which can be run in several DAWs such as Qtractor, or in jalv.gtk. In jalv.gtk, run Triceratops after installing by entering jalv.gtk in your terminal. Or, check out the "" GUI application (available in the Ubuntu Studio/KXStudio repos) which allows quick selection and loading of all your LV2 plugins.



Triceratops, main GUI