Tunefish 4 for linux


Tunefish 4, which is currently at version 4.0.1 for the linux platform, is a virtual synthesizer developed by Christian 'Payne' Loos and the Brain Control group. It utilizes an additive-synthesis-based wavetable generator with graphic wave display, and provides further sonic controls such as Damp, Spread, Drive and Scale. It also includes a noise generator section with adjustable frequency and bandwidth.

Like Tunefish 3, this softsynth includes a filter section with mixable lowpass, highpass, bandpass and band-reject (notch) filters; two separate ADSR envelopes; two assignable LFOs; chainable effects: chorus, flanger, delay, reverb, 3-band EQ, formant and distortion. The Mod Matrix on the righthand side of the GUI allows assigning of many parameters to controls such as the ADSR envelopes and the LFOs.


The Tunefish soundbank page at KVR Audio: HERE.