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Another of U-he's realtime midi software synthesizers (this one developed for, recently developed in beta version for the GNU/linux platform, is Tyrell Nexus 6. This ported linux version can be obtained gratis directly at the website (link below). Once you have the tarball extracted, navigate to where you find the "" file and run ./ from a terminal. It will guide you through set-up and install TyrellN6 in your (hidden) .vst directory. You should then be able to find it as a plug-in for your DAW (ie. Qtractor) or plug-in manager (ie. Carla).

Tyrell N6 has mono/poly capability, and includes two oscillators, a sub-oscillator, a ring modulator, two LFOs, two traditional ADSR envelopes and a modulation matrix. Clicking the preset section at the top middle will open the preset page, which includes many default patches. Signal effects such as chorus, noise and feedback are also provided.


Lots of patches available directly from the U-he website patch library HERE.

A patchbank made by "Rauschwerk" is available at HERE.


Tyrell Nexus 6 linux beta, available for download directly at
U-he Support page for requesting Tyrell N6 linux beta