Vcv Rack, Example GUI

Demos and Video Demo:

A helpful video for getting started with Vcv Rack and modular synthesis can be seen at HERE.


VCV Rack is a realtime, virtual modular synthesizer available for the linux platform. Although the website has a 64-bit release only, the KXStudio repositories provide (at the time of this writing) a 32-bit version as well. (My apologies for the occasional xrun in the demos above.)

As with modular-style synthesizers in general, VcvRack provides an enormous amount of flexibility with regard to possible module arrangements for obtaining unique sound synthesis results. Virtual modules by various developers such as, Synthesis Technology ( and are included in the download file.

Both control-voltage (CV) and audio signals are routable in Vcv Rack. Presets can be made, saved and recalled. A CPU-usage meter is provided at the top of the GUI, and the virtual cable tension and cable color opacity are adjustable.

Patches and Modules:

A set of additional modules for Vcv Rack is now available at HERE.


Vcv Rack Official Website
Vcv Rack Official Website