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Virtual ANS is a cross-platform (including mobile) realtime softsynth created and maintained by Alexander Zolotov, designed as a virtual reproduction of the famous Russian ANS Synthesizer, a photo-electronic musical instrument invented by Evgeny Murzin and dedicated to the late Russian composer Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin.

Virtual ANS 'translates' into audio sine tones any input placed on the main GUI graph area (sonogram editor), whether these are manually-drawn lines (brushstrokes), gradients, geographical shapes, imported image files, or by direct MIDI input in realtime. A pianoroll keyboard is provided on the left side of the screen (Virtual ANS has unlimited polyphony), and beats and playback time are indicated at the top. Playback is done using the forward and backward play buttons or by dragging the vertical cue line with the mouse.

Virtual ANS is ideal for soundscape production, as there are lots of realtime options for modifying the graphic area, such as layering, spacing, erasing, use of opacity and scaling. A variety of effects, such as reverb and noise, are also included and can be applied to any area(s) of the screen. Entire projects can be saved and loaded.

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