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Virtual Analog (beta version 0.0.3 shown above) is a realtime, mono/polyphonic synthesizer developed and maintained by Roland Rabien of SocaLabs. Cross-platform, Virtual Analog is available for the linux platform as a 64-bit VST2 plug-in for use in DAWs such as Reaper, Tracktion, Qtractor and Ardour, as well as hosts such as Carla.

Virtual Analog provides four oscillators, three of which also provide Unison capability. Each independently-activated oscillator has discrete controls for waveform type (sine, triangle, saw-up, saw-down, pulse, square and noise), coarse (plus-minus 3 octaves) and fine tuning, panning, volume level and pulsewidth.

There are two available filters for Virtual Analog, with LP, HP, BP and Notch filter types, all of which offering 12-dB/octave and 24-dB/octave modes. Control of the filters is allowed through a thorough modulation matrix, as well as through Key Follow, Filter Amount (bipolar), Note Velocity and, of course, Cutoff, Resonance and a dedicated Filter Envelope.

Together with the Filter and Amplitude Envelopes, there are three additional ADSR envelopes provided, as well as 3 mono LFO's and 3 poly LFO's. The LFO's offer 17 waveshapes. Beyond the traditional saw, triangle, sine and square, Virtual Analog also offers a square+ shape, sample-and-hold, noise, and three step-up, three step-down and three pyramid waveshapes.

Virtual Analog includes a step sequencer with adjustable sequence length and a variety of speeds. There is also a Modulation section where the additional envelopes, LFO's and MIDI CC's can be set and routed to a variety of destinations. These modulation sources may provide global modulation (symbol with six dots), mono modulation (symbol with one dot) or both.

There is also a variety of built-in effects included: chorus, distortion, EQ, compressor, delay, reverb and a limiter. There is also a oscilloscope window. Polyphony is up to 40 notes, and the portamento control has both smooth and glide modes.


Virtual Analog Presets -The beginning of a rolling collection of presets for Virtual Analog. --Updated June 16, 2020. The presets should be placed in ~/.config/com.socalabs/VirtualAnalog/programs before opening the synth.


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