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Xhip (version 8 shown above, in original and new skin by Branis) is a cross-platform, realtime multi-timbral mono/polyphonic software hybrid synthesizer created by Aciddose. The current linux release, available in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors, is "alpha" until the next version is released and there are some remaining minor Linux-specific issues. The current v8 r1100 can be considered an early beta release of v8.1, with a recommendation from the author that users should be mindful of the "alpha" status and review information about the alpha version at: Xhip-Alpha. The r1100 includes built-in sound banks and support for a user bank "library" folder, where banks can be quickly loaded from a menu inside the GUI, independent of the DAW being used. (Below are a few initial presets I made in Qtractor, and some newer presets made using the native file format.)

Xhip provides two oscillators, two filters, two LFOs and two envelopes. Beyond the traditional saw, pulse, triangle, sine and sample-and-hold waveforms, PCM waves can also be imported for use as oscillators, controllable with looping and anti-aliasing capabilities. These oscillators can then be mixed, synced and cross-modulated.

Together with the two envelopes and two LFOs, Xhip provides a Filter section, a Waveshaper section and a post-Waveshaper filter section -- each with unique and interesting synthesis capabilities. There is also a Control section with switches that activate and deactivate additional functions such as drum mode, voice recycling and mono retriggering. There is a unison mode area here, with detuning, randomizing and width controls. Global controls are also provided for pitchbend range, portamento, etc. A Mixer section allows oscillator level (and inversion) control, ring-mod level and noise level control.

The GUI includes stereo LED audio-level indicators, as well as voice allocation LEDs. A useful manual is provided on the download page at the link below.

Manual and Patches:

The Xhip Synth Manual at, available HERE.
Xhip Presets -The beginnings of a collection of presets in native Xhip (.xhippreset) format. --Updated Oct. 27, 2019.
Xhip Presets (Qtractor) -A collection of a few patches, for use with Qtractor. --Updated Jan. 28, 2018.


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