Xsynth patch edit GUI

Demos (some with added chorus and delay) :


Xsynth (version 1.0.2 pictured above) was developed by Sean Bolton. It has a mono audio output signal, and has both polyphonic and monophonic capability. (Monophonic control, as well as amount of polyphony, global pitch setting and pitch bend range are all located on the Ghostess "configuration" page.) The monophonic setting includes "on" (retrigger), "once" (legato) and "both." Xsynth has a 1-octave maximum pitchbend range. To start Xsynth using Ghostess, open a terminal and type ghostess and it should appear.

Xsynth has two oscillators, each one detuneable two octaves in either direction. The waves provided in this synth are: sine, triangle, saw-up, saw-down, square, PWM pulse and PWM triangle. There is pulsewidth adjustment for each sound source, and both oscillators can be synced together. The levels of the two ocillators can be balanced, and portamento control is also included.

Xsynth includes a standard ADSR profile for amplitude, nominated EG1, and a secondary envelope nominated EG2. The filter and pitch controls of both EG1 and EG2 affect only oscillator 2. Both EQ1 and EQ2 can be adjusted for velocity. The depth of pitch adjustment is up to one octave.

12db, 24db and MCVLPF3 filters are provided. The 24db filter is particularly strong so use caution when the resonance is at maximum.

The LFO section includes sine, triangle, saw-up, saw-down, square and pulse-modulation waveforms. Filter and pitch can be modulated by this LFO. Aftertouch is also available, and controls the filter amount as shaped with cutoff and resonance settings.


Bank 1: XsynthBank1

Bank 3: XsynthBank3