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Zebralette is U-he's 'simpler' version of Zebra 2, and is automatically installed when installing the Zebra 2 demo version. The native-linux version of Zebra 2 is available at at the link below and on the Zebra 2 page on this website.

Zebralette is a single-oscillator software synthesizer with mono/polyphonic (max 16 note) capability. Like it's big brother, it allows a 16-wave morphing movement, displayed in the center area of the GUI. This morphing section is midi-controllable and can change according to four different settings: GeoMorph, SpectroMorph, GeoBlend and SpectroBlend. GeoBlend allows wave drawing, whereas GeoMorph allows importing of third-party wavesets.

Aside from the main waveform area, the GUI for Zebralette is divided four other sections plus a 3-tab pane at the bottom: Tune, FX, Phase and VCA. The FX section includes a host of interesting sonic manipulators, such as Registerizer, Odd-For-Even, Brilliance, Turbulence and Symmetry, to name a few.

The lower window area has a Modulation section with a Multi-stage Envelope Generator and two LFOs, an Effects section and a Presets section. The Effects section includes Chorus, Phaser and Phorus, feedback, EQ and Delay. The Preset section allows for straight-forward preset management.

There is a separate, useful downloadable manual available for Zebralette at the U-he website link below which describes the modulation and morphing capabilities of the synth in-depth.


My starter Zebralette Collection -A few starting presets for Zebralette. -Updated July 21, 2018.


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