Linux Music Rocks A very useful database with search and filter functions, providing links and info regarding linux-based synths, effects and more.

LibraZiK Audio Studio Website for the LibraZiK audio production distro, developed by the folks at In French and English.

AV Linux Website of another key audio production distro, AV Linux. Also available here are the AV Drumkits.

Ubuntu Studio A branch of the famous Ubuntu distro, Ubuntu Studio provides another powerful linux audio production suite.

QStudio64 A 64-bit architecture audio production linux distro utilizing Mint Linux, and ready-to-go with a host of apps and a low-latency kernal.

KXStudio The (new) website for the KXStudio project. Provides all the details for adding the KXStudio repositories, a large suite of audio-production-based apps, to any Debian- or Ubuntu-based OS.

io Gnu/Linux Multimedia Studio A Debian GNU/linux-based audio production distro utilizing the Enlightenment desktop environment.

Audiophile Linux An ArchLinux-based audio production distro. Information about the Sonus Modular collection of audio modules for VCV Rack. (The modules are downloadable from within the plugin manager in VCV Rack itself.) A useful resource for MIDI and linux. Website of the annual meetings in Cologne, Germany about everything linux-plus-audio. Their meetings even include a 1-hour-production competition! Need hardware? Zynthian is a hardware synth module with many native linux synths pre-installed and ready-to-use, including many LV2 plugins. Got hardware? This site provides the software for making MIDI editors to control your extermal MIDI hardware. Linux version too!

OSAMC For info about the monthly Open Source Audio Meetings Cologne (in German).

The Crocoduck's Pond One artist's weblog with interesting articles related to linux and audio production. A really amazing collection of audio reference links by milk. This link directs to the "Synthesis" section of the website.

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) at The lossless audio format I use for all my audio demos (as of October 2017).

Ogg-Vorbis at The lossy audio format used on some of the audio demos on this website.

Audacity The audio recording application used for practically all audio recordings on this website.

The Linux Documentation Project Along with info about various other linux-related topics, this website offers some useful info regarding things such as MIDI control. Just type what you are looking for in the search bar. Pages also provided in Spanish, French and Italian. :)

Musical Artifacts A very useful (and unique!) website designed to help "catalogue, preserve and free the artifacts you need to produce music." Lots of presets and sample material available gratis for download.

Audio4Linux Another good resource for linux audio production, with active forum and lots of links. In German. A very useful linux audio production website, including useful links to free sampled audio files. Useful realtime-scheduling configuration reference for Jack audio in linux.

Libre Music Production A very up-to-date resource with lots of articles, interviews and tutorials on music production with the linux OS.

Making LV2 presets A nice article about making presets, by Freesoftwaremusic. Folderol's website, with lots of interesting music utilizing Yoshimi. A good linux audio production portal, in French. A good place to ask questions, get help with your computer's audio configurations, etc..

LinuxAudio System Configuration This page is crucial to understanding some basic adjustments that will make your linux system perform at speed. Several areas are dealt with, including swappiness, adding your user group to specific files, and realtime kernel installation.

Wikipages of A whole lot of information about audio production using linux, including how to make your computer work as a realtime audio processor, for maximum performance.

Linux Audio Forum at Another useful forum to discuss and find help about issues regarding digital music production with Linux. Similar to the wiki link above, lots of links here too. (Nice list of virtual linux-based synths at the "software synthesis and music composition" link on the left.) A whole lot of information coming first hand from a seasoned linux-for-audio-production guru!

Laborejo-Music Notation Workshop Laborejo, Esperanto for "Workshop", is used to craft music through notation. It is a graphical user interface for Lilypond, a MIDI creator and finally a tool collection to inspire and help you compose.