Samplv1 GUI, Ver. 0.7.2



Samplv1 (ver. 0.7.2 shown above) is an old-school rompler/sampler softsynth designed and developed by Rui Nuno Capela, and is part of the Vee One Suite (which includes Synthv1 and Drumkv1). It can run as a standalone synth or as an LV2 plugin within a DAW setup such as Ardour or QTractor. It can run in a Jack or Non Session Management (NSM) session, and has Jack Midi and Alsa Midi support.

Synthv1 has many of the same features as Synthv1: touchsensitivity and aftertouch, both monophonic and polyphonic capabilties, a full filter section with 12dB, 24dB and bi-quad lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch filter types, as well as a formant filter, a full LFO section and an amplitude control section.

Replacing the oscillator section is the sample load and display section. This section also includes sample loop control, reverse playback and start-and-stop loop points.

Like Synthv1, Samplv1 and has pitchbend, mod wheel, midi channel and panning controls. It also includes a full effects section: chorus, flanger, phaser and delay, as well as a compressor and a limiter.

Patches and Manual:

As with all samplers, some audio samples are required to make presets. Websites that provide audio samples include but aren't limited to: and Musical

A manual for Samplv1 can be found here: Samplv1 Manual page by Menno Kenevel and a downloadable manual here: Samplv1 Manual by m4lez.